Nov 22, 2009

Love My Way (#10)

I am the one who... feeds on the high of love.  Because I am afraid of losing this feeling, I imprison us both.

Core meaning: Addiction

I admit to a bit of obsession in my love for my husband - especially in the first 25 years.  Part of that was due to the massive number of divorces in my family, and my desire to have a lasting marriage.  Part of it was that I experienced increased anxiety levels and overall emotional discomfort when we were apart - not when we were working apart, but when we were apart outside of work.  For example, I almost didn't go to seminary because I would have to spend 3 days a month away from him.  It was a test of my willpower to make that first trek.

This card helped me understand the power of the addictive component of my relationship with him - which I have worked on in my Al-Anon group.  I was surprised, however, to realize how my need for him trapped/confined him.  That was a revelation that I credit to this card and my work with the images.

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