Nov 22, 2009

Laura Apis

This is the first 'Community' card I made.  Laura is a friend who was a chaplain with me at a hospital in my town.  She had just been ordained at the First Baptist Church of Oakland - and the pictures came from the celebration at her home that night.

The 'Apis' became part of her name when she was having an allergic reaction to walnuts and I gave her a homeopathic remedy - Apis - to help her.  It worked, and she was Laura Apis thereafter.

I am the one who... is passionate and playful and loves to play dress-up. 
I cry when my heart breaks, then laugh with joy at feeling love in the first place. 
I am a magical child/woman/goddess/sprite -
the Shekina's little sister -
Sophia's best friend.

Core meaning: Delight in color and magic

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